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Why You Should Join Us

We believe in dynamic Partnerships

Every time we connect with a new company, we make sure that our relationship is beneficial for both parties — not just a Sponsorship.
We become partners and move forward with constant feedback, communication and trust.

We are constantly developing our Partner Network

Our work requires us to always expand our network of partners. This allows us to innovate even further and complete our project on time. We have successfully expanded our Partner Network from a handful of companies to a long list of strong companies from a variety of sectors.

We invest in our development

The main goal of our team is to always improve and broaden our skills and capabilities, not simply to repeat what has already been achieved. Through new and exciting challenges, we aim to grow as a team. 

Our development is key to achieve our goals. We invest a lot of time and effort to ensure that our team is all-around a better version of what it was the day before.

We push forward to make the impossible, possible for the Greek Universities

Throughout the years many people have doubted and questioned our abilities and our potential, however our persistence has proven them wrong. 

Through hard work and sacrifice, we have shown multiple times that what might seem impossible, can be achieved. Each new challenge we take on, is another opportunity to showcase what we are truly capable of.

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We have joined forces with numerous companies from all over the world, with the goal of achieving the best possible outcome for both parties

More than 60 Partners

Locations all over the world

Long-lasting support and trust

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